What is Sauer Grapes all about?

I love wine. I love learning about special vintages, discovering new labels, finding gems that no one else knows about, and most of all, I love sharing my knowledge of wine!
At Sauer Grapes, we always have one sparkling or champagne, four whites and four reds on the menu—always a $4 glass, $6-8 glass and a $10-12 glass—and the menu changes weekly.  One red and one white are wild cards, more expensive, but at a phenomenal price! You can also pick a bottle from the shelf to drink by the glass. We also offer great craft beers, delicious tapas plates, and a variety of unique specialty foods to take home.
You’ll find I am a huge advocate of Grower Champagne. The Champagne region in France is dominated by a handful of brand names and they produce a mass-market commodity. By contrast, Small Growers, or “récoltant-manipulants,” handcraft their limited quantities of Champagne from individual villages and parcels where the inherent qualities of the vineyards imprint themselves into the wines. These winemakers are brave souls in an industrialized age: growing vinifying and bottling their own Champagne and offering it to the world as their life’s work.

 How is Sauer Grapes different?

  •  While Sauer Grapes has regular hours of 3-8pm Tue-Sat, anyone who wants to shop for a bottle of wine or just wants to stop by for a glass can call me, and if I’m available, I’ll open up the shop. Being open limited hours allows me time to do fun, creative, informative wine and beer events, so be sure to check our calendar regularly! I also plan on having regular weekly events, like our popular Jazz Night.
  • For Sauer Grapes to stay in business and thrive it has to make money, of course. But my primary focus when I buy wine is that I’m able to offer it to my customers at a great price. When I offer a deal, you won’t find it for less anywhere!
  • If you need a space to hold a private wine tasting party or event, the Sauer Grapes space is available for FREE, as long as you purchase your wine from us.
  • Our loyalty program rewards customers with points for each purchase, whether it’s wine, beer, food…if you buy it from Sauer Grapes, and you are a member, you receive points.
  • Unlike many wine shops, we have a growing list of 1/2 bottles that cost about 1/2 of a full bottle. 1/2 bottles let you try more varieties of wine, and you can take some home and have a different wine with each course!

I want Sauer Grapes to be about the customers, so if you have a special request, just let me know. All suggestions are welcome and if you haven’t stopped by yet, please do, if just to say hello!

 Marie Sauer, owner Sauer Grapes   


21 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I saw your new business in the DI newsletter. When business owners live nearby it really enhances community, something yearned for in America today. We may be moving to DI and since my wife is a wine enthusiast, I hope you are very successful. We plan to stop by next time we come down from Delaware.
    Charles Altevogt

  2. Hi Marie,
    I was wondering if you would be available Monday night, June 24th for a group of myself and maybe 6 friends to come in for some wine around 7:30?
    Mandy Riley

  3. I can’t believe that I have been visiting Daniel Island for years and never took the time to stop and meet Marie. If you haven’t taken 5 mins to visit her store you have truly missed the jewel in the crown at Daniel Island. Wine, food, and special events. The best!!

  4. Please add Jim and Becky Schroeder to your Email list. Marie,hope to meet you soon.Deidre tells me we are both William and Mary graduates!

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