Announcing the start up of Sauer Grapes Wine School!

Teaching people about wine so they can enjoy it more is something dear to my heart, so in February, the bell will ring for the first class of the Sauer Grapes Wine School. I’ll be doing stand alone classes as well as series classes, teaching some of the classes myself from time to time while bringing in experts on certain wines, regions and topics. Most of the classes will be held on Mondays in the evening, but I am open to holding class during the day. There’s also opportunity to host these classes on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Tuesdays so please let me know your preferences. Different from Sauer Grapes pop events, samplings, parties and sales, the Wine School will offer sit down classes with notes, visuals, tastings and discussions. Of course, the classes will be fun and wine will be sampled, but the goal is to gain a higher knowledge and appreciation of all that wine has to offer.

To kick off the School, Kelly Barry of Vinifera Imports will be teaching a class on Premium Italian Wines on Tuesday February 5th, 6-8 pm, $25 per person. Kelly is very knowledgeable on wine, has a passion for impeccable portfolio and her vibrant attitude is infectious! We will have light food accompaniments. RSVP by Friday February 1st. 50% nonrefundable down payment please.

We’ll have a fantastic series taught by Frederick of French Wine Imports. Frederick is the owner of Route des Vins Imports and very knowledgeable about the entire French wine market. He handles only specialty producers in the regions of Languedoc, Rhone valley and Burgundy. We’ll kick the series off with an introductory/overview class where Frederick will introduce each of his focus regions; this way you’ll know what’s to come and whether there are specific classes you want to attend (with Frederick teaching, you will want to be at all of them!). The first class is on Monday, February 25th 5:30-7:30. Going forward, classes will be on March 18th, April 29th, and May 20th. The classes are $25 per person. In line with the explosive growth of craft beers and Sauer Grapes’ expanding craft beer list,

Jeff Vosburgh of Southern Wine and Spirits will be teaching a beer class on Monday February 18th, 6-8 pm. Jeff has a great passion for craft beers and is excited to bring all the components to give you an indepth look at the beer making process. These days, beer is following the same path as wine, producing some very unique, complex flavors with food pairing opportunities galore! And yet, most people know even less about beer than wine! This class will fundamentally change the way you think about beer! $25 per person. Light food to accompany.

What’s most dear to my heart? Champagne! It’s my favorite wine and I put my lowest margins on Champagne just to promote it and support the Movement! Ben Sharkey is an account executive for Grassroots, a distributor that is one of the biggest supporters of the Grower Champagne Movement in the United States. Ben has a fiery passion for Champagne and on February 11th, he will be covering the various Champagne regions and styles while you taste some of the best Champagnes that exist—at half the price of some of the Negotiant wines! 5:30-7:30, light apps and killer Champagne! You’ve all been asking for this one and it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. $35 per person. Please RSVP by February 8th.


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